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2015-07-11 | Noticias | Mapuche

Mapuche: House of Mapuche Leader in Temucuicui Set on Fire

Mapuche: House of Mapuche Leader in Temucuicui Set on Fire
The house of the Werken of the Mapuche autonomous community of the Temucuicui in Chile, Jorge Huenchullan Cayul, was set on fire on 9 July 2015 by unknown individuals and left completely destroyed. No one was present in the house during the fire and there were no casualties, but according to the members of the Mapuche community, this act constitutes another sign of local oppression. The local Mapuche community has been suffering from unjustified raids, unfair trials and imprisonments while attempting to claim their ancestral rights.
Below is a statement published by Comité de Solidarité avec le peuple Mapuche, Belgique

To the attention of the national and international public opinion.
We inform that:
Today 9 July 2015 at around 4.30 am, the house of the werken of the autonomous community of Temucuicui, Jorge Huenchullan Cayul, was set on fire by unknown individuals.
We note that the house was completely destroyed, and the loss was total, but fortunately the house was empty, nobody was injured and there are no causalities to lament.
We know that the struggle for our ancestral claims is legitimate, that the oppression is shown in different ways, ending up in unjustified raids against our communities, unfair trials and even the imprisonment. There are sick minds that endorse the idea that the end justifies the means, and use the hatred accumulated as a pretext, thinking that their actions will stop the struggle of the Mapuche people-nation
Today the humble ones have been attacked again, yet solidarity among brothers has always enabled us to raise our heads with dignity, the dignity won with our struggle.
To our brothers Mapuche, to our humble Chilean brothers.
We tell you that we are here holding our heads high, dignified as always and there is no doubt that we will continue doing what we have to do, struggle, struggle and struggle.
"Long live the struggle of the Mapuche nation."
Autonomous Community of Temucuicui 9 July 2015


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