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Mapuche International Link

Support the Mapuche, Indigenous People of Chile

Bristol, 11 September, 2001

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Mapuche International Link invites organisations and individuals to join us in a picket outside the Foreign Office and Downing Street on the 12 September 2001.

1. From 8.45 to 10:30 am -at: Foreign Office, King Charles Street (off Whitehall). Nearest Tube: Westminster. The Confederation of British Industry will meet the Chilean President Ricardo Lagos. Jack Straw will meet Mr. Lagos at 9.45 a.m.

2.  Meet outside Downing St. picket 4.45 to 6.00pm.  Nearest tube: Westminster. Tony Blair has a scheduled meeting with the Chilean president at 5.00pm.

The Mapuche people, the indigenous people of Chile, are at this present moment being incarcerated and criminalised at the mere mention of land rights. Over a thousand Mapuche people have been detained in the past two years, and hundreds are dealing with court proceedings mainly to do with land rights.

They have been denied the status of political prisoners and there are many allegations of physical and mental abuse in the prisons.

Private companies continually use the judicial machinery and use their influence within both the political power process and the legal framework of the state to criminalise the Mapuche movement. They accuse the Mapuche of   “illegal association, of stealing, of conspiracy, of criminal damage”, etc. A mere declaration of intention to reclaim territory on the part of the Mapuche communities can mean a legal injunction against them. This can be seen clearly in the case of the 5 members of the Domingo Trangol community in the Victoria region, where three of the members are being detained, while the others are under house arrest and are forbidden to take part in meetings thereby denying them the right of association and freedom of expression.

The Mapuche people have been campaigning for constitutional recognition by the Chilean authorities for decades. The Mapuche have these demands to make from the Chilean Government: - The release of all Mapuche political prisoners.

- The recognition of Convention 169 of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) which allows basic rights to indigenous peoples. Including land rights and use of their own resources.
- The de-militarization of the Mapuche territories.
- The implementation of an independent and impartial judicial system.
- The recognition within the Chilean constitution of the Mapuche people as a people in their own right.
- The right to self determination in our ancestral land.
For decades we have witnessed the deforestation and the implementation of development projects which ecologically devastate our land, and are carried out without our consent and in violation of the current Indian Law. Such projects as the building of the Ralko dam in the Biobio River and the construction of highways are set to destroy our land and our way of life and the eco system that affects us all.

Only last week, for the first time in the History of the Catholic’s church involvement in Chile, the Bishops of Araucania (the ancestral land of the Mapuche in Southern Chile) have officially demanded constitutional recognition of the Mapuche people within Chile. Finally the Catholic Church in Chile has stated: “ Its about more than just formal agreements, its about moving forward together towards constitutional recognition and the respect of the Mapuche people as a cultural community, not only on the basis of fact but also as an inherent right as a people ”.

The Mapuche people are appealing to the international community to recognise their land rights. The Chilean government is one of the few governments in the world that does not recognise the existence of its own indigenous peoples and does not ratify Convention 169 of the ILO (International labour Organisation).
If you can’t make it to the pickets, please write to Tony Blair expressing your concern about the above issues.

Reynaldo Mariqueo Tel: 07762205820

Comunicado Público

Mapuche International Link

Apoyo a los Mapuche, gente indígena de Chile

11 de septiembre del 2001

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El Enlace internacional Mapuche invita a organizaciones y a individuos a juntarse en un piquete fuera de la oficina del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores (Foreign Office) en Downing Street el 12 de septiembre de 2001.

A partir del 8,45 a 10:30 - en: Ministerio del Exterior (Foreign Office), en la calle King Charles (de Whitehall). El metro más cercano : Westminster.

La confederación de la industria británica encontrará a presidente chileno Ricardo Lagos. El ministro Jack Straw encontrará al Sr. Lagos a las 9,45 h de la mañana . Piquete exterior en Downing Street desde las 4,45pm a los 6.00pm .

El metro más cercano: Westminster.

Tony Blair tiene una reunión programada con el presidente chileno 5.00pm.
El pueblo Mapuche, la gente indígena de Chile, está siendo en éste momento encarcelado y criminalizado ante la sola mencion de sus derechos a la tierra. Más de mil Mapuches han sido detenidos en los últimos dos años, y centenares están sometidos a procesos judiciales principalmente relacionado con los derechos a la tierra .Se les han negado el estatus de presos políticos y hay muchas agresiones físicas y abusos mentales a la gente en las prisiones .Los Mapuche están rogando a la comunidad internacional a reconocer sus derechos a la tierra .

El gobierno chileno es uno de los pocos gobiernos en el mundo que no reconoce la existencia de su propios pueblos indígenas y no ha ratificado la Convención 169 de la ILO (International Labour Organization – Organización Internacional de los Trabajadores) .

Si no pueden llegar a los piquetes , por favor escribe al Sr. Tony Blair expresando su preocupación por lo mencionado arriba .

Enlace Internacional Mapuche

Para má información por favor contactar a
Reynaldo Mariqueo Tel: 07762205820


Le Lien Intenational Mapuche ( The Mapuche International Link)

Appuyez les Mapuche, peuple autochtone du Chili

11 de septembre 2001

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 Le" Lien international des Mapuche" invite des organismes et des individus à nous joindre dans un piquet en dehors du Foreign Office et de la Downing Street le 12 de septembre 2001.

De 8,45h à 10:30 h - à: Le Foreign Office, dans la King Charles Street (près de Whitehall). Le Metro le plus proche: Westminster.

La confédération de l'industrie britannique aura une reunion avec le Président chilien Ricardo Lagos. Jack Straw rencontrera M. Lagos à 9,45 heures du matin.

Piquet Downing Street ( à l’extérieur) rassemblement à 16,45h à 18.00h.

Le Metro le plus proche: Westminster.

Tony Blair a une réunion prévue avec le président chilien à 17.00 h.

Les Mapuche, le peuple autochtone du Chili, est en ce moment actuel détenu et criminalisé pour seulement mentioner déjà ses droits à la terre . Plus que mil Mapuche ont été détenus ces deux dernières années, et des centaines sont mêlés dans des procédures et des démarches en justice ,principalement pour faire valoir leur droit à la terre. Ils ont été niées le statut de prisonniers politiques et il y a beaucoup d'allégations physiques et d'abus mentaux chez les personnes detenus dans les prisons .Les Mapuche font appel à la communauté internationale pour qu’elle reconnaît leurs droites à la terre. Le gouvernement chilien est un des quelques gouvernements dans le monde qui ne reconnaît pas .la existance de ses propres peuples indigènes et ne ratifie pas la Convention 169 de l’ILO ( Organisation Internationale des Travailleurs ) .

Si vous êtes dans l’impossibilité d’être present au piquet ,nous vous prions d’écrire Mr Tony Blair en expressant votre concernement avec ce qui est écrit ici dessus .

Le Lien Intenational Mapuche ( The Mapuche International Link)

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