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Futha rume Mapuche Trapemn

Mapuche International Conference

The Mapuche International Conference in London, England, on January 5,6,7, 2001, was a success.
Mapuche delegation from Europe, Canada and Chile discussed the current Mapuche situation in Chile, as well as the role the Mapuche outside the country can contribute to the struggle of our brothers and sisters.

The Conference Declares:

Taken into consideration the present situation the Mapuche people are facing in their own territories, as well as its long standing demands for justice, land claim and constitutional recognition as people; Mapuche delegates demands from the Chilean Government the following:
- Immediate de-militarization of Mapuche territory.
- Implement concrete political measures to compensate Mapuche people with a wide program for Truth and Historical reparation.
- Ratify the ILO Convention #169 -concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries
- Recognize the Mapuche people in the Chilean Constitution.

The Mapuche International Conference also manifest:

- To support the Mapuche all territorial demands
- To actively support Mapuche process of Autonomy.

London, Januari 7, 2001.