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2010-09-13 | Campañas | Indoamericano

September 13th 2010 will mark the Third Anniversary of the Adoption

of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the United Nations’ General Assembly

But Indigenous Peoples throughout the world continue to be deprived from our rights. Ergo, our Rights on Self-Determination, Land, Livelyhood, Education, Natural resources, Culture, etc are still being violated. We all persist to adhere to and reaffirm the UNDRIP as a legal basis to exercise our Rights as Indigenous Peoples.

The traditional councils in West Papua and Maluku therefore initiate the call for a world wide appeal from Indigenous Peoples for the recognition and implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Take action: World wide appeal and world wide drum ceremony
September 13th 2010 is the right time to call on States and Government leaders for the speedy enactment of the Declaration. By drafting the own country situation each nation/indigenous population sends a memorandum/appeal for recognition, endorsement and implementation of the Declaration to the appropriate Government.
Simultaneously this world wide appeal on September 13th 2010 will be celebrated by a drum ceremony of Indigenous Peoples.
We ask for your participation.in this global event . From your ancestral ground or where ever you may be, please join this World Wide Drum Ceremony.
The beating of the drums, and/or the playing of traditional instruments mark the sound of the Appeal of Indigenous Peoples.
Let’s act collectively to make this Appeal and Drum ceremony strong and succesfull.
Let the sound of Indigenous Peoples be heard worldwide from the north to the east to the south and to the west, all day long from sunrise to sunset on September 13 2010.
Please transmit us your name so we can add your people’s/nation’s name to the list of participants.
For more inforomation, see the weblink at the end of this email.
All peace-loving people are invited to send letters of support of this Appeal to their Governments.
Please circulate this letter to other friends and acquaintances that may be interested in participating.
Thank you.
UNPO Secretatriat

World Wide Drum Ceremony
contact sheet
Thank you for your interest and consideration in the World Wide Drum ceremony.
Please check here if you are to take one or both of the actions to enhance this world appeal from Indigenous Peoples for the endorsement, recognition and implementation of the UNDRIP.
We are furthermore interested :
Name Indigenous people :
Contact number :
Please email this information sheet to:

Fuente: Foro Escandinavo por los Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas



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