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Lista de agencias en el mundo que trabajan con la CIA

Caracas, dic. 2009, Tribuna Popular TP.- A continuación publicamos el listado de más de 500 agencias, fundaciones y empresas que son parte de la Central Intelligence Agency¹s (CIA) y trabajan con ella en el área de la información y acción contra los pueblos y sus organizaciones políticas y sociales.

* A *
AALC, see Afro-American Labor Center
Acrus Technology
ADEP, see Popular Democratic Action
Advertising Center, Inc.
Aerojet General Corporation
Aero Service Corp. of Philadelphia
AFME, see American Friends of the Middle East
"African Report"
African-American Institute
Afro-American Labor Center (AALC) of
American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organization
Agencia Orbe Latinoamericano
Agency for International Development (AID)
Agribusiness Development, Inc.
AIFLD, see American Institute for Free Labor Development
Air America Air Asia Co., Ltd.
Air Proprietary Company
All Ceylon Youth Council Movement
Alliance for Anti-totalitarian Education
America Fore Insurance Group
American Academy for Girls
American Association of the Middle East
American Chamber of Commerce
American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism, Inc.
American Committee for the Liberation of the People of Russia
American Committee for the International Commission of Jurists
American Economic Foundation
American Federation for Fundemental Research
American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organization
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
American Foundation for the Middle East
American Friends of the Middle East
American Friends of the Russian Freedom
American Friends Service Committee
American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees
American Fund For Free Jurists
American Geographic Society
American Historical Society
American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD)
American Machine & Foundry
American Mutual Insurance Company
American Newspaper Guild
American Newspaper Publishers
Association American Oriental Society
American Political Science Association
American Red Cross
American Research Center in Egypt, Inc.
American Society of African Culture
American Institute of Cairo
American University - Special Operations Research Office
Ames Research Center
M.D. Anderson Foundation
ANSA (Italian Wire Service)
Antell, Wright & Nagel
Anti-Communist Christian Front
Anti-Communist Liberation Movement
Anti-Totalitarian Board of Solidarity with the People of Vietnam
Anti-Totalitarian Youth movement
Appalachian Fund
Arabian-American Oil Company
Area Tourist Association
Ashland Oil and Refining Company
Asia Foundation
Association of American Geographers
Association of Computing Machinery
Association of Friends of Venezuela
Association of Preparatory Students
Assoziation ungarischer Studenten in Nordamerika
"Atlantic Journals and Constitution"
Atomics, Physics & Science Fund, Inc.
Atwater Research Program in North Africa

* B *
David, Josephine & Winfield Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America
Bank of California
Bank of Lisle
Bankers Trust Company
Baylor University
Beacon Fund (West)
Berliner Verein (West)
Berliner Verein zur Forderung der Bildungshilfe in Entwicklungslandern
Berliner Verein zur Forderung der Publizistik in Entwicklungslandern
Blythe & Company, Inc.
Boeing Company
Boni, Watkins, Jason & Company
Borden Trust Bories Trust
Boy Scouts of America
Brazilian Institute for Democratic Action (IBAD)
Broad and High Foundation
Brook Club
Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight
Handlers, Express and Station Employees
J. Frederick Brown Foundation
Burgerkomitee fur Au Benpolitik (SS)
Bulgarisches Nationales Zentrum
Burndy Corporation
Butte Pipe Line Company

* C *
Cahill, Gordon, Reindel & Ohl
Cahill & Wilinski
California Shipbuilding Corporation
Campfire Girls
CARE, see Committee for American Relief Everywhere
Caribean Marine Area Corporation
(Caramar) James Carlisle Trust
Carnegie Foundation
John Carroll University
Catherwood Foundation
Catholic Labor Foundation
Catholic University Youth Organization
CBS Television Network
CEDOC, see Catholic Labor Center
(CRESS) Center for Strategic Studies
Center of Studies and Social Action
(CEAS) CEOSL, see Ecuadorean Confederation of Free Trade Union Organizations
Chesapeake Foundation
Chicago College of Arts and Sciences
Citizens State Bank of Wausau
Civil Air Transport (CAT)
Clothing and Textiles Workers Union COG, see Guayana Workers Confederation
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Company
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
Columbia University
Columbian Financial Development Company
"EL Commercio" Com. Suisse d'Aide aux Patrgrols
Committee for American Relief (CARE)
Committee for Correspondance
Committee for Free Albania
Committee for Liberty of Peoples
Communications Workers of America (CWA)
Confederation for an Independent Poland
Conference of the Atlantic
Community Congress for Cultural Freedom
Continental Airlines Corporation
Continental Press
Cooperative League of America
Coordinating Committee of Free Trade Unionists of Ecuador
Coordinating Secretariat of National Unions of Students (cosec), see International Student Conference (ISC)
Cornell University
Cosden Petroleum Corporation
Council on Economic and Cultural Affairs, Inc.
Council of Foreign Relations
Cox, Langford, Stoddard & Cutler
CRC, see Cuban Revolutionary Council
CROCLE, see Regional Confederation of Ecuadorean
Coastal Trade Unions Cross, Murphy and Smith
Crossroads of Africa
Crusade for Freedom
CSU, see Urugayan Labor Conference
CTM, see Mexican Worker Confederation
Cuban Portland Cement Company
Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC, Cuban Exile)
Cummings and Seller
Curtis Publishing Company
CUT, see Uruguayan Confederation of Workers

* D *
Daddario & Burns
Debevoise, Plimpton, Lyons & Gates (West)
Deutscher Kunstlerbund
Dominion Rubber Company
Double Chek Corporation
DRE, see Revolutionary Student Directorate in Exile

* E *
Eagleton Institute of Politics - Princeton University East Asian Institute
East-West Center
Ecuadorean Anti-Communist Action
Ecuadorean Anti-Communist Front
Ecuadorean Confederation of Free Trade Union Organizations (CEOSL)
Ecuadorean Federation of Telecommunications Workers (FENETEL)
Editors Press Service
Edsel Fund
Electric Storage Battery Company
El Gheden Mining Corporation
End Kadhmir Dispute Committee
Entertainment Workers Union
ERC International, Inc.
Enstnischer Nationalrat
Enstnischer Weltzentralrat
Europe Assembly of Captive Nations
Exeter Banking Company

* F *
Farfield Foundation, Inc.
Federal League for Ruralist Action (Ruralistas)
Federation for a Democratic Germany in Free Europe
Fed. Inte. des Journalistes de Tourisme
FENETEL, see Ecuadorean Federation of Telecommunications Workers
First Florida Resource Corporation
First National Bank of Dallas
First National City Bank
Florence Walsh Fashions, Inc.
Fodor's Travel Guides (Publishers)
Food, Drink and Plantation Workers Union
Ford Foundation
Foreign News Service
Foreign Press Association B.C.
Forest Products, Ltd.
"Forum" (Wein)
Foundation for International and Social Behavior
Foundation for Student Affairs
Franklin Broadcasting Company
Free Africa Organization of Colored People
Free Europe Committee, Inc.
Free Europe Exile Relations
Free Europe Press Division
Freie Universitat (FU)
Frente Departmental de Compensinos de Puno
Fund for International, Social and Economic Development

* G *
Gambia National Youth Council
General Electric Company
General Foods Corporation
General Motors
Geological Society of America
Georgia Council on Human Relations
Gilbraltar Steamship Corporation
Girl Scouts -- U.S.A.
Glore, Forgan & Company
Goldstein, Judd & Gurfein
Gotham Foundation
Government Affairs Institute W.R.
Grace and Company
Granary Fund
Grey Advertising Agency
Guyana Workers Confederation (COG)
Gulf Oil Corporation

* H *
Andrew Hamilton Fund
Harvard University
Heights Fund Joshua
Hendy Iron Works
Himalayan Convention
Histadrut - The Federation of Labor in Isreal
Hobby Foundation
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Hodson Corporation
Hogan & Hartson Holmes Foundation, Inc.
Hoover Institute on War, Revolution and Peace
Houston Post
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
Hutchins Advertising Company of Canada
Huyck Corporation

* I *
IBAD, see Brazilian Institute for Democratic Action
Independence Foundation
Independent Press Telegram
Independent Research Service
Indiana University
Industrial Research Service
Institut zur Erforschung der USSR e.V.
Institute Battelle Memorial
Institute of Contemporary Art
Institute of Danubian
Inquiry Institute of Garbology
Institute of International Education
Institute of International Labor Research Education
Institute of Political Education
Institute of Public Administration
International-American Center of Economic and Social Studies
International-American Federation of Journalists
International-American Federation of Working Newspapermen (IFWN)
International-American Labor College
International-American Police Academy, see International Police Academy
International-American Regional Labor Organization (ORIT)
Intercontinental Finance Corporation
Intercontinental Research Corporation
Intermountain Aviation
International Armament Corporation (INTERARMCO)
International Catholic Youth Federation
International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (IFCTU)
International Cooperation Administration (ICA)
International Development Foundation, Inc.
International Fact Finding Institute
International Federation of Christian Trade Unions IFCTU, see World
Confederation of Labor
International Federation of Journalists
International Federation of Newspaper Publishers
International Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Workers (IFPCW)
International Federation of Plantation, Agriculture and Allied Workers
International Federation of Women Lawyers (IFWL)
International Geographical Union
International Journalists Conference
International Labor Research Institute
International Packers, Ltd.
International Polaroid Corporation
International Police Academy
International Police Services School
International Press Institute
International Rescue Committee
International Secretatiate of the Pax Romana
International Student Conference (ISC)
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT)
International Trade Services
International Trade Secretariats
International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)
International Union Officials Trade Organizations
International Union of Young Christian Democrats
International Youth Center
Internationale Federation der Mittel- und Osteuropas
Internationale Organization zur Erforschung kommunistischer Nethoden
Internationaler Bund freier Journalisten
Internationales Hilfskomitee
Ivy League Colleges

* J *
Jacksonville University
Japan Cultural Forum
Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)

* K *
Kentfield Fund J.M.
Kaplan Fund, Inc.
Keats, Allen & Keats
Kennecott Copper Corporation
Kennedy & Sinclaire, Inc.
Kenya Federation of Labour
Khmer Airlines
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Komittee fur internationale Beziehungen
Komittee fur Selbstbestimmung
Komittee fur die Unabhangigkeit des Kaukasus
Korean C.I.A.
Korean Freedom and Cultural Foundation, Inc.

* L *
Labor Committee for Democratic Action
Land Tenure Institute
Sarah Lawrence College
Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee
League for Industrial Democracy
League for International Social and Cooperative Development
Ligue de la Liberte
Litton Industrial Company
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
London American
Lone Star Cement Corporation
Lurgi-Gesellschaff mhB (Tochtergesellschaff der Metallgesellschaff AG)

* M *
Manhatten Coffee Company
Manistugue Pulp & Paper Copany
March of Dimes
Marconi Telegraph-Cable Company
Martin Marietta Company
Marshall Foundation
Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Center for International
Studies (MIT-CIS)
Mathieson Chemical Corporation
McCann-Erikson, Inc.
McDonald, Alford & Roszell McKesson & Robbins, Inc.
Megadyne Electronics
Charles E. Merrill Trust
Mexican Workers Confederation (CTM)
Miami District Fund
Michigan Fund
Michigan State University
Miner & Associates
Mobil Oil Company
Der Monat
Monroe Fund
Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.
Moral Majority Moral Rearmament
Movement Mosler Safe Company
Mount Pleasant Trust
Movement for Integrated University Action
"Ms" Magazine
Robert Mullen Company

* N *
Narodno Trudouoj Sojus (NTS)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Academy of Sciences
National Research Council
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Board for Defense of Sovereignty and Continental Solidarity
National Catholic Action Board
National Council of Churches
National Defense Front
National Educational Films, Inc.
National Education Association
National Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Workers of Ecuador
National Feminist Movement for the Defense of Uruguay
National Student Press Council of India
National Students Association (NSA)
National Rubber Bureau
National Union of Journalists of Ecuador
NBC Television Newspaper Guild of America
New York Corporation
New York Daily News
New York Times
New York University
Norman Fund
North American Rockwell Corporation
North American Uranium, Inc.
Norwich Pharmaceutical Company
Norwich University

* O *
Oil Workers International Union
Operations and Policy Research, Inc.
Organix. Ukrainischer Nationalisten (OUN)
ORIT, see International-American Regional Labor Organization
Organization of American States (OAS)
Overseas New Agency

* P *
Pacific Corporation
Pacific Life Insurance
Paderewski Foundation
Panama Cooperative Fisheries, Inc.
Pan-American Foundation
Pappss Charitable Trust
Parker Pen Company
Jere Patterson & Associates
Pax Romana
Peace Corps
Peace and Freedom
Penobscot Land & Investment Company
Penobscot Purchasing Company
Phoenix Gazette
Plant Protection, Inc.
Plenary of Democratic Civil Organizations of Uruguay
Polaroid Corporation
Polnisches national demokratisches
Zentrum Pope & Ballard
Popular Democratic Action (ADEP)
Possev-Verlag Frederick A. Praeger, Inc.
Pratt & Whitney
Press Institute of India
Price Fund
Princeton University
Public Service International (PSI)
Publisher's Council

* R *
Rabb Charitable Foundation
Radio Corporation of America (RCA Corporation)
Radio Free Asia Radio
Free Europe
Radio Liberation
Radio Liberty Committee, Inc.
Radio Swan
Raleigh Times
Rand Corporation
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Regional Confederation of Ecuadorean Coastal Trade Unions (CROCLE)
Research Foundation for Foreign Affairs
Retail Clerk's International Association
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RFD, Cuban exile)
Reynolds Metal Company
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller University
Rubicon Foundation
Rumanisches Nationalkomitee
Russian and East European Institute
Russian Institute
Russian Research Center
Rutgers University

* S *
San Jacinto Foundation
San Miguel Fund
St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press
St. Petersburg Times
Saturday Evening Post
Schenley Industries, Inc.
School of Foreign Affairs
School of Foreign Service
Scott Paper Company
Sentinels of Liberty
Shell Oil Company H.L.
Sith & Company
Social Christian Movement of Ecuador
Sociedade Anomima de Radio Retransmissao (RARETSA)
Society for Defense of Freedom in Asia SODIMAC
Southern Air Transport
Southern Regional Conference
Scripps Howard Newspaper
Standard Electronics, Inc.
Standard Oil Company
Standish Ayer & McKay, Inc.
Stanford University
Steuben Glass, Inc.
Stiftelsen fur Noralisk Upprustning Victoria
Strauss Fund
Student Movement for Democratic Action
Sullivan & Cromwell Sullivan & Gregg
Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.
Synod of Bishops of the Russian Church Outside of Russia
Systems Development Corporation

* T *
Tarantel Press
Thai-Pacific Services Company
J. Walter Thompson John G. Thornton Trust
Tibet Convention
Time, Inc.
Tower Fund
Twentieth Century Fund

* U *
Unabhangiger Forschugsdienst
Ungarischer Nationalrat
Unification Church (the "Moonies")
United Fund United Methodist Church
United Lutheran Relief Fund of America, Inc.
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
U.S. News and World Report
U.S. Rubber Company
U.S. Steel Company
United States Youth Council
United Ukranian American Relief Committee
United Way
Universal Service Corporation
University of California
University of Chicago
University of Cincinnati
University of Houston
University of Illinois
University of Kentucky
University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Oklahoma
University of Pennsylvania
University of Utah
University of Vermont
University of Washington
University of Wichita
University of Wisconsin
Untersuchungsausschub freiheitlicher Juristen (UfJ)
Uruguayan Committee for Free Detention of Peoples
Uruguayan Committee for the Liberation of Cuba
Uruguayan Confederation of Workers (CUT)
Uruguayan Institute of Trade Union Education (IEUS)
Uruguayan Labor Confederation (CSU)
Uruguayan Portland Cement Company U.S., see United States

* V *
Vangard Service Company
Vos Universitaria

* W *
Wainwright and Matthews Joseph Walter & Sons
Warden Trust
Warner-Lamber Pharmaceutical Company
Erwim Wasey, Ruthrauff & Ryan, Inc.
Watch Tower Movement
Weltvereinigung der Organization des Lehrberufs
Wexton Advertising Agency
Whitney Trust Charles Price
Whitten Trust
Williams College
Williford-Telford Corporation
World Assembly of Youth (WAY)
World Book-Childcraft of Canada
World Confederation of Labour
Wynnewood Fund

* Y *
Yale University
York Research Corporation
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)

* Z *
Zenith Technical Enterprises University
Zen Nihon Gakusei Jichikai Sorengo (Zangakuren)
Zentrale for Studien und Dokumentation



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